Aeons ago, even before the time of legends, mortals strode the breadth of Ayreon wielding energies matched only by the gods. The gods, however, seeing the threat these mortals posed both to themselves and the world they strode, destroyed what they could of these potential usurpers and locked forever the paths to power away from mortal hands. Or so they thought.

There were survivors of the gods' wrath, and these passed their knowledge to later generations, who were not nearly so adept as their forebears, and were unable to bring to bear the energies the ancients had once possessed. Still, as time passed, societies formed over the face of the world devoted to the pursuit of these energies, calling them sorcel and magicka, which they could manipulate and use to change the world. The greatest of these called themselves sorcerors, and magi, and woe be to those who dared challenge them.

But never were they able to threaten the gods. And the gods overlooked them. And the gods even came to embrace them, for another group, calling on the favors of the gods, drew their power to manipulate magical energies from the gods themselves. The gods, perhaps to their folly, gradually accepted this arrangement, and to this day continue the play, granting to the devoted the means of manipulating their world. These now rule the various faiths as priests and holy warriors.

While the energies of this world are diminished compared to the forgotten past, they are nonetheless potent in their power. Wizards wield magics that can transport a body from one end of the world to the other, that can summon beings from regions best left alone, and that can raise the dead. Clerics wield equal powers, healing the deformed, striking curses upon their foes, and summoning the elements to do their bidding. Others, too, have learned the ways of magic, from the rangers of the several vast domains under Wyome's care to the templars that defend the holy places to the warriors who place their faith, if not their arms, in the gods' care. Even the lowly minstrel can weave a spell with her song.

Spells comes in many flavors, but are recognized by sages as falling into several categories. Some of the more recognized categories we describe below.


Bolts are instantaneous forms of energy meant specifically to harm in some fashions. Oftentimes taking the shapes of arrows or spears, they are directed at single persons only, usually with enough power to injure if not kill outright. They may be of any element, fire, cold, water, and may even take on more exotic substances, such as the dreaded void bolt.


Some spellcasters have means of compelling others to do as they ask, even to the point of killing a loved one. These spells are referred to as charms. Many are weak in form, merely suggestions or single words that last only a fraction of a moment, while some hold onto their victim for days on end. All of them are feared and reviled, because they subvert the will of the victim, who most times is required to perform tasks he otherwise would not do. The charmers themselves, however, are only to willing to use their power to achieve their ends no matter the cost to their victim.


The world holds many secrets, and those with the power do what they can to uncover them. To this end spellcasters have developed detection spells which provide aid to the eyes and ears towards the discovery of hidden things. These include spells for seeing at night, spells for revealing objects made invisible by other magics, and spells that help the blind to see.


Why take days to travel from city to city when one can call upon the energies of the world to move in an instant? These magics, called gating spells, allow for quick travel between places. Harmless most of them, there is rumor of one kind of gating spell that may be used heinously. Called "teleport", it is said this spell has sent many an adventurer to his doom in the depths of hell, and worse.


Manipulative spells come in all kinds, from the mundane call for water from the earth to the more exotic dweomers of the reclusive enchanter. These spells involve the manipulation of either matter or energy, and generally change, both temporarily and permanently, the nature of the thing manipulated. Shrinking, growing, hasting, slowing, all of these and more fall under the category of manipulative magic.


The more powerful of magics often require certain acts and sometimes other magics to complete. They involve complex designs, an abundance of time and a knowledge of the deeper secrets of magic. These are called ritualistic magics, or rituals, and if at anytime the wielders of such energies are disturbed, their spells can backfire, frequently with devastating results. Rituals will be found for the most part among those who practice the darker of sorceries.